The story so far:

2022 marks Fred Zeppelins 29th year together.

During their time together they have had the honour

of Led Zeppelin’s front-man Robert Plant attending

three of their gigs and John Bonham’s son Jason

even jammed with them on stage. These things the

band are very proud of. It must surely also be the best

recommendation any band could receive, and also

assure any Led Zeppelin fans apprehensive about

seeing The Fredz.

According to one of Kerrangs readers polls. FRED ZEPPELIN

are among the top ten best live bands to see. Quite an achievement,

as they were the only tribute band listed in any category.

Its worth taking a camera with you, as you don’t know who could be

standing next to you. In the audience have been MAGNUM’s

front-man Bob Catley, WHITESNAKE’s guitarist Mel Galley.

Roy Wood legendary main man of THE MOVE & WIZZARD,

and SLADES Jimmy Lea was the latest rock celebrity to

experience a two-hour Fred Zeppelin gig.

Fred Zeppelin were invited by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page

to attend a charity event of which Jimmy is a patron.

They were thrilled to meet and chat with the legendary guitarist.

Also at the party were Roger Daltrey, Julian Lloyd Webber, Leo Sayer

and Formula One’s David Coultard. What a night !!

Fred Zeppelin are real fans and formed  ‘The Freds’ out

of their admiration ]and love of Led Zeppelin’s music.

As their name  the band do not  take themselves too

seriously, they know the praise belongs to Robert,

Jimmy, John Paul Jones, and Bonzo.

The Fredz will still continue with their tradition of honouring

the music of  Led Zeppelin and not dressing up.

Please keep in mind they are not a

cabaret style look-a-like act.

Jimmy Page autographed one of our flyers for Blackie.

Top Bloke

Fred Zeppelin

29 Years Gone

Do you remember petuli oil, cheesecloth, tie-dye T-shirts, desert boots, loons and tank tops. Do you still wear them?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the chances are you must be the proud owner of at least one Led Zeppelin album.

Let ‘THE FREDS’ take you back in time to those heady days of flower power, Kevin Keegan perms, flared jeans so wide it took two paces before they moved, and shirt collars long enough to tuck into your under-pants.

Dust down the afghan, light up the joss sticks and let ‘FRED ZEPPELIN’ re-create the atmosphere of that great era by playing all the classic tunes of the greatest rock band ever ‘LED ZEPPELIN’.

Wrinkle Rock Lives!